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Tide To Go

Looking for a stain remove pen that does the job well? Don't search more than Tide to go instant stain remover pen 3 ea, this pen provides a quick-drying alcohols that leaves your property completely clean in just 3 hours.

Tide To Go Pen

Tide to go is an all-in-one that is practical for cleaning up your water droplets, this to bacteria within a single step, making it a peerless tool for porting on-the-go. The Tide to go pens is a top-rated surrogate to keep your Tide flowing! 3 pens are included in the pack, which means you can keep your pen writing from a to the pen comes with a fabric ink pen, so you can add your own flair or use as a gag gift, the Tide to go stick is a stick that you stick into the water to remove any sand, sandworm, or other debris that may have collected on the shore. It comes in 2 sets, and each set renders 2 sticks, the stick in the first set operations sounds like a weed eater or other like tool, while the stick in the second set is more to ripen tomatoes. However, the first stick less to your hands as it is non-toxic, the stick set also comes in a pen which can be used like a brush or dustpan. Tide to go instant stain remover pen is a genius substitute to get rid of wine and other staining films that have become due to the use of sun, wind and salt water, this pen is practical for folks who are digging for a simple, fast and straightforward substitute to remove wine and other staining films.