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Profusion Lips To Go

Profusion Lips to go desire - 2, 5 oz lip liner stick strobe. These luxurious 3 piece velvet lip collection to go set are enticing on-the-go addition! The 2, 5 oz lip liner stick gives a luxurious touch to each look. The stingy stinger of the gives this set an edgy edge, if you're hunting for a set to can add a little bit of luxury to your look, then Profusion cosmetics Lips to go is the set for you.

Profusion Lips To Go Ebay

These newly designed eyes with its fresh, fresh look and feel is now great for all types trends! The eyes are filled with pressure and give a modern look to your look, the umbrellas are also now 0. 5 oz with liner stick and you can't go wrong with these new lips! The Profusion cosmetics Lips to go 3 piece velvet lip kit contains: - red lipstick liner - red eyeshadow liner - yellow liner - green liner - brown liner - black liner - black highlighter the Profusion cosmetics Lips to go 3 piece velvet lip kit is designed to go well with each other and with several of your favorite makeup colors, the kit also includes a red lip brush, which is puissant for putting a little color on your lips. The Profusion Lips to go kit comes with three shades: hot, bright, and today's red, this ink pencil comes with a brilliant red liner and a matte black it also extends a sealed lid that makes it basic to control the consistency and work with other colors. This 3-pack of Profusion lip kits is outstanding for someone who wants to go full makeup look! You'll get a desire red lipstick liner and a few other colors to get you started, the kits come in a few different styles so there's something for everyone. Plus, the luxurious velvet lip kit makes it basic to put together your entire look.