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Goodnight Sweetheart It's Time To Go

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Goodnight Sweetheart Well It's Time To Go Movie

This is the final goodnight Sweetheart for the next day, we will be dealing with other little night friends that we never knew were available, for now, its Time to go. Goodnight sweetheart, it's Time to go, goodnight Sweetheart it's Time to go. We'll be back soon, this is the end of the night and you finally have enough energy to go to your room. You close the door to your room and put your chest of drawers in the corner, you take a few steps towards your room and then close the door again. You take a few more steps towards the bed and then close the door again, you’re about to fall asleep when you hear a knock on your door. You get up and answer the door, you see a little girl in a blue shirt and dress. She says, "goodnight sweetheart, it's Time to go, " you say, "thank you so much. I admire you, " and with that, the door is closed and you are gone.