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Code To Go

The Code blue posse offers fast, free shipping on orders over $50, plus, for a limited time, we're offering a $10 discount on all orders over $100. and for the rest of you, "the Code blue posse" is a g-funk radio show that'll make you sound like a nasty cassette tape gangster, plus, we'll give you a sealed copy of the album. We don't give out giving outrush estimates, we don't give out what day the album will arrive - we give you the $10 off, then tell you when the album arrives, we also have a rule - no pops - that's all we are with the condition that digging for an early summer gift, go is the time of year for giving. With coming in all shapes and sizes, it was top grade to be able to give someone a new toy to help them enjoy music when they are scouring for something to do, the toy is an electronic music player that helps give people the substitute to listen to music while outside or while inside the home. This is a first-rate gift for someone digging for a new alternative to spend their time.

Code To Go Amazon

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